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Be one step ahead


Industry Placements are a new initiative designed to give you a head start finding the future you want. 

You are required to complete work experience matched to your core competencies and future ambitions. Industry Placements take this to the next level, aligning with your chosen career path and include around 45 days of on-the-job experience.  

Take a big stride towards your career goals by launching in to an Industry Placement - this is the next level of learning on the job. You’ll focus your studies at college on a course that matches your ambitions, all the while honing your skills.


It’s not just a great experience for students, employers can really benefit from introducing an Industry Placement scheme to their ranks. Take a look at what some of our employers have had to say.


Don’t just take our word for it, here’s what employers who we currently work with have to say about Industry Placements.

Stephen Wheeler


This gives students a real insight into the working environment – they gain a vast amount of knowledge from a hands-on operation in a large professional kitchen.



Our GAP team are on hand to find you the best experiences for your current abilities and career goals -  helping you to build an impressive portfolio of transferable skills. 

We're working with over 700 employers across a wide range of sectors, so you have plenty of exciting opportunities to choose from. Search our current opportunities and apply online today.

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